Soddy-Daisy is located in Northwest Hamilton County about 15 miles from downtown Chattanooga. Corporate city limits encompasses 18 square miles along Dayton Pike and U.S. 27 which serves as access corridors to Chattanooga. It has a population of approximately 13,000.

Soddy-Daisy’s easy access is another plus. Highway 27, a 4-lane limited access throughway, connects with Interstate I-24 in Chattanooga. Commercial air service is only 20 minutes away at Lovell Field Airport.

There are various tales about how Soddy and Daisy were named. One maintains Soddy is an anglicization of the Indian “Tsati” meaning sipping place. With Soddy Lake, the many creeks and streams, this could be true. A second states that Welch inhabitants corrupted the name of William Sodder’s Trading Post to “Soddy.” The Community of Daisy was named after Daisy Parks, daughter of Thomas Parks, who was the vice-president of the Tabler-Clendys Coal Company. Both Daisy and Soddy were thriving coal mining communities until the 1930’s. A hosiery mill, turpentine plant, several pottery and tile kilns were active in Soddy and Daisy during the same period. In April 1969, the communities of Soddy and Daisy, extending for about 9 miles along U.S. 27, were incorporated.

Soddy-Daisy gets it electricity from the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga, which distributes TVA generated power. Residential rates are among the lowest in the nation; commercial and industrial rates are highly competitive. Natural gas is furnished by Middle Tennessee Gas Company and Chattanooga Gas. Water service is provided by Soddy-Daisy Falling Water Utility and Hixson Utility. Sewer service is provided by the Hamilton County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority.

The City’s property tax rate is $1.3524 with residential assessment based on 25% of actual value and business assessments based on 40%.

Soddy-Daisy is also extremely proud of its Volunteer Fire Department with a Class 2 Fire Rating – lowest ever awarded a volunteer department.