Soddy-Daisy Municipal Court is cancelled for Tuesday, January 16th.




We are asking our citizens to help pass the word along about the construction taking place in the 9000 block of Dayton Pike from the Veterans park north to Daisy Church of God. If you can avoid this area then please do so. There is no way possible to give you the “exact” times and delays of sitting in traffic and or closing of a lane of travel. Another reminder that the speed has been reduced to 30 MPH for your safety and definitely the workers safety


Soddy, Daisy & Montlake Historical Association


The City of Soddy-Daisy is making a concentrated effort to clean up many areas of our community.  Please go to this web address to see the list of Soddy-Daisy Municipal Codes. Below is a copy of our “Notice of Violation”.


City of Soddy-Daisy Notice of Violation


New Times for Distribution:

Mondays at 4:00 p.m.

Thursdays at 8:30 a.m.

Food parcels will still be limited to one (1) each calendar month.  They will limit quantities of produce, depending on how much they have and how many people come out.  Call 332-1148 to find out the days and times the Food Bank will open that week.

Poe’s Tavern

The historic Poe’s Tavern – that was the first seat of Hamilton County government in 1819 – is being reconstructed.

Bill Carney said his crew is constructing the new Poe’s Tavern as accurately as possible including using hand tools.

Poe's Tavern Soddy DaisyThe new cabin will not have electricity, and it will feature custom-made hardware that will closely match the original.

Mr. Carney said the cabin was used by both sides in the Civil War and as hospital. It was also used in the Indian Removal.

That homeplace of Hasten Poe at Daisy was torn down in 1911.

A house on the original site is on the original foundation of Poe’s Tavern. A state historical marker has been placed nearby.

The new cabin is only about a block from the original site.

Many members of the Poe family still reside in the Soddy Daisy area.
Mr. Carney said many of them as well as others have stopped by and he has learned a lot from them about the history of the cabin and the family.

He said the Poe family still has the hatchet used to make the logs for the original cabin.

Mr. Carney said the cabin should be open next spring with displays of period artifacts and he hopes to have a book about the history of the cabin ready for sale.

The park where the cabin is located already has a children’s playground. There will be covered picnic tables lining the sides of the park, a few covered places at the street for local made or grown products on weekends and a large green area between the highway and the cabin for special events and concerts.

Recreation in Soddy-Daisy

Hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, shopping, picniking, backpacking, parks, walking trails, Soddy-Daisy TN has something for everyone…


Big Soddy Creek Gulf Open Daily To The Public

Big Soddy Creek Gulf open to the public