Building & Permits

All building and construction is overseen by City Hall. We take pride in the growth and development of our community through ensuring all construction meets quality, safety, and compliance standards. 

The Inspectors are Derek Graham and Steve Grant.  Inspections receive a tag with the information on whether it passed or failed.  Each permit requires ongoing inspections, with a final inspection performed at the time of the completion of the job.  To get in contact with an inspector or schedule inspections, call City Hall at (423) 332-5323.

Permit Information

Construction Permits

Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Gas, HVAC, and Excavation permits are issued at City Hall. You must be licensed with The City of Chattanooga, Hamilton County, or The State of Tennessee to purchase permits.

Permits can be purchased in City Hall, or over the phone at (423) 332-5323, provided you have the means to print the permit, sign, and return it via email. 

What work requires a permit?
  • New construction, Alterations, Additions, Remodels, or Repairs to the interior and/or the exterior on existing buildings or structures where the value exceeds $1,000
  • Moving, relocating, or the demolition of existing buildings
  • Decks 
  • Swimming pools (inground and above ground) that exceed two feet in depth.
  • Retaining walls over four feet high.  An engineer’s stamped drawing is required.
  • Business signage requires submitting a drawing representing how the sign will look, including the height and square feet of the sign.

What work DOESN’T require permits?
Cosmetic alterations to existing residences such as paint, wallpaper, carpeting, and any alterations that do not exceed $1,000 or involve structural changes.  It is recommended to contact City Hall to discuss any planned alterations to verify that a permit is not required.

Hamilton County PermitsSeptic:  Questions regarding septic and septic tank permits should be directed to  Hamilton County Groundwater Protection  at or (423) 209-7876.
Sewer For sewer line installation and/or sewer tap permit information please contact  Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority (WWTA) at or (423) 209-7842.
Water Quality: Questions regarding drainage, storm water, erosion, or pollution, should be directed to the  Hamilton County Water Quality Department at  (423) 209-7851.
When County Approval or Permitting is Required:

  • All new construction, additions to existing buildings, and additions of bedrooms to existing buildings, where septic tanks are or will be used, must be reviewed and approved by Hamilton County Groundwater Protection  prior to building permits being issued.
  • A Land Disturbance Permit (Hamilton County Water Quality) is required for any new land disturbance activity which impacts one acre or more, OR impacts less than an acre but is part of a plan of development or sale.
  • A Runoff Management Permit (Hamilton County Water Quality) is required for all new facilities that disturb more than one acre of land. Residential developments with greater than 10 lots that disturb one or more acres are also required to obtain a Runoff Management Permit.
  • All Site Plans and Subdivision Plats must be reviewed and approved by Hamilton County Water Quality prior to approval by the Soddy-Daisy Municipal Planning Commission.