Tennessee Tax Relief Program

State of Tennessee Property Tax Relief Program
The City encourages eligible residents to apply for the State of Tennessee's Property Tax Relief Program.  This program provides financial assistance to certain groups of homeowners to help with their property tax payments.  Eligible applicants can include Elderly Homeowners, Disabled Homeowners, Disabled Veteran Homeowners, and Widow(er)s of Disabled Veteran Homeowners.   
Please visit the linked website for more information, or view the brochure

This is a State-run program, not a City initiative.  For any questions or further assistance, please contact the State of Tennessee Tax Relief Department:  
Main Phone Line:  (615)-747-8871
Main Phone Line (Toll Free):  1-800-221-9927
Email: TRInfo@cot.tn.gov

  Please note that the brochure provided is for the year 2023, and the updated version has not yet been released by the State of Tennessee.

Tax Relief Brochure
Tax Relief Program2